Monday, 11 September 2017

Artist profile

Name: Aryan
Age: 9
Nationality: Afghanistan
Best known for:
Pop art because it is a unique piece of artwork and it is very colourful also we could choose any object we wanted.
I love drawing, painting and colouring but I am not that good at it.
Purpose of artwork:
It’s purpose is that it shows how good we are at art.
Creation of artwork:
First we had to pick an object then make four of them in each quarter then we color them different colors so if we do a rectangle four times and we had purple,blue,green and yellow so the inside has to be a color then outside is another color inside also the inside cannot be the same color twice and the outside can’t be the same.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

WALT retell and change a fairy tale- by Aryan

Crazy Cinderella and the Prince
On September 18th 1982 it was a cloudy night and Cinderella went out to get the mail. It was a letter for a ball, with the kingdom’s prince. The Prince was going to decide who to marry at the ball. Cinderella asked her stepmother if she could go, but her cruel mother said no. Cinderella had enough with her stepmother and stepsisters, so she killed them with an AK47. Then she knew that it was time to pick a dress.

The dead bodies of Cinderella's step relatives were starting to smell, so she called the police to take them away. The police felt bad and thought that a fox had killed the organisms. But there was no fox and the bodies were not eaten. The Prince knew that Cinderella was the culprit. The Prince killed Cinderella with a shotgun and told the police why he did it. The prince was rewarded for killing a murderer and lived a happy life with his wife!



Monday, 28 August 2017

killer fries by Aryan

Free photo Chicken Food Nando's Chicken - Max Pixel

Killer fries
WALT: identify visual language features to convey a health message

this is to tell you to have junk food once a week

US launch on Syria by Aryan

US launch on Syria
US forces have launched missiles on Syria,a country in the Middle East.
The American president ,Donald Trump ordered the attacks in response of the chemical weapon attack in Syria.
Trump believes that president Assad was behind the attack and therefore the US attacks were aimed at the forces that support president Assad.
The missiles were shot by ships.
The NZ government says it fully supports the US missiles struck on Syria last week.
There has been war in Syria for more than 6 years.

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