Thursday, 10 May 2018

when I almost burned my house by Aryan

When I almost burned down my

One day I went to make my own food using a pan.
I was making eggs because my parents taught me
when I was 8 years old. When my parents came home
they took me and my sister shopping for some things.
After a few minutes I remembered that I was making
eggs so I told my parents and we went back home.
There was a fire but it didn’t spread. then in the pan
fire shot out of it and then after a few seconds the
fire was starting to go wild. Then my parents got
the hose and then sprayed the  water on the fire.
After that no one knows what happened to me!?

character description by Aryan

The burned women

ratting the reading by Aryan

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


The Amazing Features Of

Have you ever wanted to use your long sticky tongue to grab the remote or to use your camouflage
body to play hide and seek? Well too bad chameleons have it lucky. Chameleons are part of the family
chamaeleonidae. They are from the reptile family. There are approximately 160 species of chameleon.

Chameleons are approximately 15 mm .They have long sticky tongues, four fast small legs, scaly
hard bodies and large encased eyes. It also can turn the colors pink, green, turquoise, blue, orange,
red and yellow. Depending on its feeling it changes color. Like angry is a dark color and light colors
might want to attract mates.            

The chameleon can be found in the desert and rain forests habitats. The main found places of
a chameleons are in Europe, Asia, Africa and north america. They adapt to their habitat very well.

Using all of its body parts each part has a very useful function to help the chameleon stay alive
. Chameleon can run 33 km per hour using its fast agile legs. Its long sticky tongue launches out
of his mouth to quickly snatch their prey. The tongue sticks to the prey and is quickly retracted into
its mouth. Also its eyes have a 360 view to see everything happening around it. A chameleon's skin
can change color also too adjust to temperature or light. As another bonus it doesn't have to be one
color so it can be multi coloured or patterned perfectly to camouflage away from its predators .Using

their skin, they can also be used to gain heat with black skin

Overall chameleons are outstanding eye catching reptiles. They can blend in, show their moods through
color appearance and have an interesting way to catch prey. Chameleons have amazing abilities.
Do you now want to change your DNA? Of course you would be able to change color but you would
have to eat bugs and insects for the rest of your life. Just the life of a chameleon  Image result for chameleon purple tongue

By Jonathan Mar and Aryan Saadat

I think that we did well with paragraphing and also using a lot of detail.

I think we could work on scientific reasoning and terms


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Nag and Riki Tiki- by Aryan

The solider- by Aryan

I drew him in blue you camouflage in water and the red scratch is blood and black scratch are his clothes which are ripped and some plasters.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

ANZAC day by Aryan

World war one
Wednesday 24th April 1918
Dear mum, dad and Heila,

The war has started and I am starting to get frightened. I
am really tired of the trench being constantly wet and
Uncomfortable.Sometimes when it rains it gets
muddy in the trench and that is why I have this
sickness on my foot Which is why I am getting
a treatment on my foot.

I have not eaten food since yesterday lunchtime. We only
eat canned food.Sometimes we have to have cold food
and also some hard biscuits.We would miss breakfast
lunch or dinner once a day. When we sleep there
would be someone watching us and they had a gun.
We usually went out at night time to attack so the
enemy doesn’t see us. Please tell everyone that

Thursday 25th April 1918
Today we are eating food to regain our health although
we have lost some of our soldiers we still can’t give up.
I am excruciatingly desperate to go home I miss you all
hopefully the war ends soon... We are fighting aaaahhhh
I have been shot in the leg if I don’t come back and we
loose the war but someone is still there I will tell
them to give it to you... Yes we have won the war
right know someone is bandaging me so I am going
to come back home soon bye.

I love you all by Aryan